Friday, June 3, 2011

How to change the brakes on 01' Chevy Lumina?

I'm need to change just the front brake pads on a 2001 Chevy Lumina, and I have now idea what I'm doing so I'm asking for your guidance.

If you have any website links that you think would be helpful please post.

Thanks in advance!How to change the brakes on 01' Chevy Lumina?1.put a piece of wood under the rear tire, %26lt;will prevent car from rolling back%26gt; the hood remove the cap on the master cylinder if low on oil do not refill, low fluid is a indication or worn out brakes since its a sealed system unless there is a leak you should never have to replace fluid.3.jack up front end either as a whole or one side at a time use a jack stand under the frame rail, lower car onto jack stand.4. pull the wheel off.5 loosen the caliper bolts normally this is a large hex bolt

remove calipers remove pads look at old pads for un even wear or burns

or cracks indication for bad calipers should be even wear on both pads

check the rotor which is what the wheel bolts too, look for blue-ing

or small cracks grooves etc if you find any replace the caliper or have them turned at a machine shop average price in my state 25 dollars a wheel some times and some places are cheaper to buy new ones get a can of brake cleaner at a parts store you'll need to use specific cleaners other wise there might be a residue and you won't stop,6 get a rag and large pair of channel locks put rag over piston in caliper slowly compress with the master cylinder cap off this should be easy

you do not need to bleed brakes that's only when you crack open a Zerk fitting and we haven't done that here, once piston is compressed all the way into the caliper your ready for new pads, first go wash your hands grease is a brake system worst nightmare most disk brakes come with a little tube of glue called anti chatter glue this is applied to the back of the pads let that sit a minute to set then install the new pads carefully put caliper back onto rotor and re bolt down do a visual check to make sure you did not disconnect anything else.

then put the wheel back on that side is done do the same for the other wheel. with all that said and done now you know how to change the brakes on every car with disk brakes they are all the same type system the only thing that varies is to bolts holding the calipers

and the calipers themselves rotors are rotors all the same, with that being done pretty simple kind of makes you wonder why it costs 400 dollars to do a brake job.

hope this helps

LrHow to change the brakes on 01' Chevy Lumina?You should be able to go to AUTOZONE.COM and find a repair manual online that will show diagrams for your vehicle. If not you can go to your local parts store and they will probably have a repair manual for your carHow to change the brakes on 01' Chevy Lumina?all you need to do is pull the tire off, take a c-clamp and push the caliper piston in, take out 2 bolts and lift the caliper off. change the pads and install the caliper and tighten the bolts. make sure you pump the brakes up after you get done.