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Help Putting A New Brake Caliper On A Mk5 Fiesta?

I need advice on how to put a brake caliper on my car. Basically i was away to change the front pads and noticed it was wearing away more on one side of the wheel than the other, Got told to pump the brakes and clean it all, but i ended up over doing it and the brake burst and ripped the rubber seal. (A bit of a pain as they dont make seals for that car anymore so it need a whole new caliper). So im going to get one from the scrap yard but not sure how to get the air out the chamber where the brake fluid goes. Any ideas?

Also will i get away with only changing the pads on one side and topping up the brake fluid? The locking nut was overtightened, on the drivers side when it had its mot and now wont budge so cant get into the brakes to drain the fluid out the pipes on that side of the car.Help Putting A New Brake Caliper On A Mk5 Fiesta?Firstly, you can get seal kits for a Fiesta at any car spares %26amp; accessories place. Guaranteed.

The air is bled from brake calipers using the bleed screw on the caliper; if you're unsure, get a Haynes manual. This will give detailed info on caliper stripping, cleaning, rebuilding %26amp; brake bleeding with illustrations.

Finally, ALWAYS change pads as an axle set - both sides MUST be done at the same time.Help Putting A New Brake Caliper On A Mk5 Fiesta?Do yourself and all us other road users a favour and get it repaired professionally before you cause an accident. Brakes are not something to be messed with, a mistake could mean DEATH to you or someone else. Help Putting A New Brake Caliper On A Mk5 Fiesta?Firstly I wouldn't trust a calliper from a scrap yard. Mainly because you don't know if the calliper is working properly and you don't know what transpired to put the vehicle in the scrap yard. Secondly, for tour own safety and of those around you I would change the pads on both sides as will cause uneven breaking which is a mot failure. Thirdly I would get the work done by a competent mechanic or a garage you trust (preferably both) therefore you can be sure the job is done correctly.Help Putting A New Brake Caliper On A Mk5 Fiesta?To be honest with you and please don't take this the wrong way. My advice would be if you don't know have to change a brake calliper, don't do it yourself!

Your brakes are the single most important part of your car because with out them you cannot stop.

Ja.Help Putting A New Brake Caliper On A Mk5 Fiesta?If you lived near me i'd fix it for 20. You supply the parts.

How can I 'unfreeze' my brake calipers on my Pontiac Grand Prix?

My mechanic is telling me he can't open the calipers to change the pads or replace the rotor. He is telling me that he has to replace the entire front brake system. I can drive and have functionality because of my rear brakes but am driving very little until I get the front fixed.

Is there a way I can manipulate the calipers to 'unfreeze' them, ie, get them moving again? I have replaced brake pads with no problem in the past so have a little knowledge and am unwilling to pay $500 for what my mechanic says has to be done (at least at this point).

Please note that the car sat with very little driving done for several months, from about May to Oct 2007.How can I 'unfreeze' my brake calipers on my Pontiac Grand Prix?If the mechanic can't get the calipers off because they are frozen they most likely need to be replaced.

If you can get the calipers off, take one off at a time and try pushing the piston back in using a large c-clamp. You can also try pushing on the brake pedal with the caliper off to try to break the piston free before using the c-clamp to push the piston back in. Just make sure you have someone watch the piston to see if it moves and don't push the pedal much or the piston will blow out.

The bottom line is if you are replacing the pads and rotors you will probably end up ruining the new parts prematurely because the old calipers will hang up and destroy the pads, taking out the new rotors.How can I 'unfreeze' my brake calipers on my Pontiac Grand Prix?also remove break line from caliperr and see if fluid comes out by lightly pushing down on break pedal with hand,if u want to bleed breaks,put a piece of 2by4 behind break pedal to avoid damage mastercylinder

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How can I 'unfreeze' my brake calipers on my Pontiac Grand Prix?If the front wheel rotates you can remove the caliper. Sometimes a ridge will form on the edge of the rotor, it should just break off or you can grind or file the ridge off. Now rotate the wheel so the removed ridge is under the caliper. The caliper will now come off.

You can replace the calipers and rotors yourself with loaded calipers, new rotors and flexible brake lines(recommended) for less than $200 total.How can I 'unfreeze' my brake calipers on my Pontiac Grand Prix?Re; thebax2006's suggestion to hit the brake pedal with the caliper off the rotor, put some blocks of wood where the rotor (and/or pads) would be, so the piston doesn't pop all the way out. And keep your fingers out of the way!How can I 'unfreeze' my brake calipers on my Pontiac Grand Prix?You will need to remove the caliper and most likely replace it. The piston is probably frozen and if you unfreeze it, you may damage the seal, resulting in brake fluid leakage.How can I 'unfreeze' my brake calipers on my Pontiac Grand Prix?Your mechanic isn't trying to screw ya.Rebuilt calipers are not expensive. If money is tight, do it yerself. =^ )How can I 'unfreeze' my brake calipers on my Pontiac Grand Prix?You can back the calipers up enough to take them off and replace them, but theres no way your going to unfreeze them and not replace them

Clean and adjust rear brakes?

i took my car to get something fixed and they fixed the part that was broken... but they also gave me a list of recommendations. they said i need to get my rear brakes cleaned and adjusted. i have a 2007 toyota corolla. i don't really want to spend the 60 dollars they said it was going to cost to do it through them and was wondering if anyone would be able to explain how i can do it myself. i know how to change the brake pads on the front brakes. im just not sure what they mean by %26quot;adjust%26quot; the rear brakes. the cleaning part i know you just spray brake cleaner on there.. but how do i adjust my rear brakes?Clean and adjust rear brakes?It is a rip off scam. Your brakes are self adjusting. Very seldom would any brake systems on cars made in the last 35+ years need external adjustment.

All they would do is spray a can of brake cleaner spray onto the surfaces and let that dry. I would not waste your money on that.

Save the money and use it when it is time to replace the brake pads.

ADDED: If looking through the wheel you see a bright shiny surface like the front rotor then you have rear disk as well.Clean and adjust rear brakes?spend the extra 60 and in the future use the parking brake to adjust the rear brakes.they adjust when you apply the parking brake.Clean and adjust rear brakes?If they are rear drum brakes, cleaning them I recommend water, just spray them off. Now to adjust them, there should be a rubber plug on the backing plate. Remove this plug and there is a star wheel inside that is attached to an adjusting mechanism. One way tightens the brakes, the other way loosens them, of course you want to tighten them til you feel a slight drag when spinning the drum with your hand. Now, this was really easy to type but not so easy to do. 60 bucks is crazy for someone to adjust your rear brakes. I use to do it for free when I replaced the front brakes. I am sure you have a ton of questions now =)Clean and adjust rear brakes?Seems odd you'd have clean rear brakes especially if they are drum brakes unless the adjuster is not turning. Usually rear drum brakes adjust when you drive backwards %26amp; pump the brake pedal, but I'm not positive with a late model car. You might want to give this a try %26amp; see if you notice any difference before paying the 60$ If you can change the pads yourself I'm sure removing the adjuster %26amp; cleaning it up %26amp; puting anti-seize on the threads, shouldn't be a problem for you, or just check it to see if it turns freely. You may need a special tool depending on the location of the hole for the adjustment or pull the wheel %26amp; drum. Hope this helps.Clean and adjust rear brakes?How many miles do you have on the car??And are the rear brakes drums or disc?I work at a honda dealership, clean and adjust for disc there consists of lubricating the slide pins, cleaning off the shims the pads sit on, its mainly a preventative maintenance to ensure your braking system is well lubricated so you maintain even pad wear.As far as rear brakes go , they spray them down with brake clean to help clean them, their will be a adjusting star wheel, you just turn that with a screw driver and slap the drum back on, (not sure if theres an acess on the backing plate for your model car not all have them)

that's where the experience of a tech comes in to play, because you need to make sure you are getting good surface contact.But put the drum back on and hit it in the 12 and 6 o clock position and spin it if it still sits loose take the drum off and repeat it Again.But Again that's where experience from the tech to come in to play.Clean and adjust rear brakes?80% of your braking is done off the front pads you will usually go through 2 to 3 sets of pads before the rears need replacing i would not worry about cleaning are adjusting them wait till you need new shoes. You are in no danger and are not going to cause any harm to your rear shoes.Clean and adjust rear brakes?That model has rear drum brakes and also has self adjusters on them. If you will take the car to an empty parking lot somewhere and do the following. Make sure you have plenty of room behind you and no one nearby that could get in the way. Put the car in reverse and start backing up to about 15 mph and apply the brakes firmly and come to a stop. Do this about 6 to 8 times. Do not let the tires lock up or skid. Brakes are adjusted. Do this about 2 or 3 times a year to keep them adjusted. $60.00 saved.

How do I change the rear disc brakes on a ford focus st170 52 plate?

Hi I have changed the front disc and pads on my ford focus st170 but the back are a nightmare I gather I have to somehow adjust the cylinder back (that looks like a castle) but after turning it and turning it I am not getting anywhere does anyone here know how to do it?How do I change the rear disc brakes on a ford focus st170 52 plate?you need a tool to do this properly, its like a mini threaded press that forces piston back as it winds.if you try using molegrips or similar you usually end up damaging the piston seal and then after a while it will start to stick,

you can buy this tool for about 20, halfords or somewhere, aslo fits a few other makes too. if you dont lay out money for it then it will cost you more if youre pistons seize up.

basically you need to force piston back at the same time as you turn it,( clockwise)How do I change the rear disc brakes on a ford focus st170 52 plate?The rear calliper pistons screw back in but they are left had threaded so you need to turn them the %26quot;wrong%26quot; way to get them back in.While your turning them put thumb pressure on the centre of the piston to get it going back in Once its fully back in and slipping over the brake pads turn it out again until it just grips the pads. Hope this helpsHow do I change the rear disc brakes on a ford focus st170 52 plate?the rear are more difficult than the fronts for more obvious reasons, parking brakes. some cars have sensors that put the rear brakes on when the car is put in parked, so chock the front wheels, put car in neutral, and you can start working on the rear brakes, i replaced both rear calipers and one rotor in the rear of my 99 ford taurus, my problem was that the calipers extended so far out that the pistons would not screw back inHow do I change the rear disc brakes on a ford focus st170 52 plate?You can try asking at a focus owners club like this one it is quite new but they are very helpful.

Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?

1) My mechanic said my front brake pads are worn and need to be replaced soon. I think he said they were down to 1/32%26quot;. The quote for this job was about $180 ($50 for parts, the rest for labor). But I haven't heard any sounds from my brakes - do all cars have that %26quot;indicator%26quot; sound, or may my car not?

2) My brakes also vibrate a bit (pedal) when at higher speeds. He said this is caused by the rear drum brakes being out of line or uneven or something - He can machine/adjust those for about $90. Is that necessary and/or reasonable?

3) About how often would I need to change my brake pads?

I have a 99 Mazda protege and live in Denver CO , and drive about the avg amount i'd say.

ThanksDo all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?Mazda's have a reputation for squeaking brakes but that can also be a sign that they are going bad and need to be replaced. Get them checked before you ruin the rotor. That's expensive to replace.Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?well i think you think you should get it checked out. i don't think its that big of a deal cause all cars squeak on occashionsDo all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?From what I've learned yesDo all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?yesDo all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?My uncle is a service manager at a high end dealer and he says that not all breaks squeak when they need replacing. If you are doubting what they told you go and get another estimate elsewhere. And yes removal of the vibration is necessary... Brakes are pretty important to me when I am flying down the road, I really don't want to take any chances of them failing... that has happened to me once and it wasn't a nice feeling.Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?Brake pads need to be checked on a yearly basis. What you mechanic said is true. Even if you don't hear a sound from your brakes doesn't mean they don't need to be replaced. When you start hearing a sound it could be too late.Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?They should. Honda has tabs built in so when you hear the squealing, you are not actually wearing out your brakes, you are just being warned before they becomes unsafe.Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?Not all make the sound. Some brake pads have a built-in %26quot;indicator%26quot; - a piece of metal that scrapes to make a noise when your pads are worn too thin. Some don't.

1/32%26quot; is VERY thin - replace them right away.

The vibration is more likely your front discs being warped. If they will machine both the front rotors (discs) and the rear drums for $90, that's not too bad. For just the rear drums it may be a little high.

Brake pads (front wear much more) should last at least 20,000 miles, and perhaps as much as 60,000. Rear brakes will probably go 80,000.Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?advise you to check some more prices. on the expensive side. vibration at different speeds can be due to warpage in the front rotors. they can be machined. can't give you an honest answer on how long since everyone drives differently. they, the brakes--especially disc--, should have a metal squeeker or squealer to let you know. 1/32 is extremely bad and needs to be fixed. on driving an average, does not indicate how you or others drag on the the brakes...amount of time and pressure on the pedal. hope this helps.Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?50 dollars for parts on a 99 Protege, the same car my wife drives, is way too much. I would take it someone else and get a 2nd opinion.

The squealing sound doesn't always mean that your brakepads are wearing down. That sound can come from brake dust, heat, or even rust on the rotor. In many cases when the pad wears down to the point where it's just metal on metal contact you'll get a squealing sound, but not if there's any pad left.

After working for some time with mechanics, I can very safely tell you that there are a good 80% who are trying to rip you off. Take your car somewhere else and get the job done there.

If you're getting any kind of backfeed or pressure returned to your petal when braking you will need to get your drums adjusted. 80-90 is a fair price for that.Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?Most cars have wear indicators, but some brake pad manufacturers dont put them on their pads and sometimes they break off. So, sometimes they dont squeal. $180.00 is a fair price. Vibration can be caused by drums and rotors being out of round. The test is while driving around 50, LIGHTLY apply the parking break. If the car vibrates then yes the problem is the rear brakes. Drums can be machined to repair this condition. Rotors should be replaced tho. Autozone sells inexpensive rotors and they work well. Brake pads generally need to be replaced about 40,000 miles, depending on driving habits.Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?mst cars have what the call a scrapper when your pads get low it rides on the disk , the front. making a noise so you can get er done. go for the front pads first, see how it goes if the pulsation persists then go for the rear. front pads average 40 to 60 thousand rear shoes about 80 depending of course how and the condition that you driveDo all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?they do if they have a squeeler on them, but sometimes thats not the case, you might have brake dust, that will make them squeel too.Do all cars make that squealing braking sound when they need to be replaced?some cars do have low pad indicators some dont if ur down to 1/32 its time and for ur high speed brakeing vibratios it is either ur rotors or drums out of round or rotors warped change them not that expensive
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  • 4 Wheel disc brake service?

    First of all, my car is 1990 Mazda Miata MX-5

    And I also live in so california in la mirada around border line of orange county.

    How much is it to service my car's brakes(it has 4 wheel disc brakes)?

    What shop is most dependable and the cheapest I can go (I am a college student with not much money)?

    This time I have to change brake pads on all 4 wheels and replace 2 rear rotors and resurface on front rotors. And I plan to diagnose my braking system cause i think my brakes arn't wearing out evenly when i look into my tire rims. I think i'll also need a brake oil flush too but im not too sure.

    I am actually planning to go to sears auto in brea mall to service my brakes. Is it a good idea?

    My family has been getting new tires to replace the worn ones for few years and i think they do a good job.

    But I want to also know if there are any other cheaper shops that does a good job on brakes.

    And once again, How much would my brake service cost on average with 2 rotors replaced with all 4 brake pads?

    Thanks in advanced! :)4 Wheel disc brake service?going to sear is a good idea. i have use then before and they do a good job.

    Brake pad and rotor change advice?

    Mazda astina 1991.

    Mechanic says my brake pads need replacing, they are 19mm, the minimum thickness is 20mm. Should i be worried, how quick do they wear down?

    My quote states x2 brake pads, one $76, the other $93. Why isn't he using the same type of pads? Also, is he assuming i want the best quality ones, should i ask for cheaper?

    Plus x4 rotors, $57 each. But he told me only the fronts needs replacing. Are there 2 rotors per wheel?

    labour $130

    total AUD$530


    I have not noticed any vibrating or warping. Only a put-put-put kind of shaking sometimes, when i change gears, just feels like it's a bit cold, and i'm not using the brakes at that time.

    Might get another mechanic to just replace pads and check how damaged the rotors are.Brake pad and rotor change advice?From your listed prices you've been quoted cheap off-shore brake rotors. Go to: and invest in EBC dimpled and slotted brake rotors which are produced in Great Britain. While your at their site pick out ceramic based brake pads. Do the job yourself and save $200.00!Brake pad and rotor change advice?You really need to get another quote. Brake pad and rotor change advice?his quote is for a four wheel brake job... the pads come in sets for front and rear.... not individual wheels... even though he said the rears may be thick enough now most shops will machine them to make sure they are not warped - if there is a warp they try to machine it out and then they may be to thin... so just to cover their butt they include new ones in the estimate... there are a few shops that just replace them though so always make sure to check the bill before you pay

    I do mine myself and can't machine the rotors so they just get replaced... depending on how you drive they should last 20,000 to 40,000 miles... if they can be machined at that point then you may get more out of them... hope this helps and good luck with itBrake pad and rotor change advice?You are a dangerous breed my friend. Thank GOD you pile of junk is in another country as not to present a danger here.

    20mm is spec and your at 19mm... Here if your involved in an accident and your car is inspected and found to be lacking in the brake area you get charged with criminal negligence.

    The estimate is in the ballpark.