Monday, September 19, 2011

Clean and adjust rear brakes?

i took my car to get something fixed and they fixed the part that was broken... but they also gave me a list of recommendations. they said i need to get my rear brakes cleaned and adjusted. i have a 2007 toyota corolla. i don't really want to spend the 60 dollars they said it was going to cost to do it through them and was wondering if anyone would be able to explain how i can do it myself. i know how to change the brake pads on the front brakes. im just not sure what they mean by %26quot;adjust%26quot; the rear brakes. the cleaning part i know you just spray brake cleaner on there.. but how do i adjust my rear brakes?Clean and adjust rear brakes?It is a rip off scam. Your brakes are self adjusting. Very seldom would any brake systems on cars made in the last 35+ years need external adjustment.

All they would do is spray a can of brake cleaner spray onto the surfaces and let that dry. I would not waste your money on that.

Save the money and use it when it is time to replace the brake pads.

ADDED: If looking through the wheel you see a bright shiny surface like the front rotor then you have rear disk as well.Clean and adjust rear brakes?spend the extra 60 and in the future use the parking brake to adjust the rear brakes.they adjust when you apply the parking brake.Clean and adjust rear brakes?If they are rear drum brakes, cleaning them I recommend water, just spray them off. Now to adjust them, there should be a rubber plug on the backing plate. Remove this plug and there is a star wheel inside that is attached to an adjusting mechanism. One way tightens the brakes, the other way loosens them, of course you want to tighten them til you feel a slight drag when spinning the drum with your hand. Now, this was really easy to type but not so easy to do. 60 bucks is crazy for someone to adjust your rear brakes. I use to do it for free when I replaced the front brakes. I am sure you have a ton of questions now =)Clean and adjust rear brakes?Seems odd you'd have clean rear brakes especially if they are drum brakes unless the adjuster is not turning. Usually rear drum brakes adjust when you drive backwards %26amp; pump the brake pedal, but I'm not positive with a late model car. You might want to give this a try %26amp; see if you notice any difference before paying the 60$ If you can change the pads yourself I'm sure removing the adjuster %26amp; cleaning it up %26amp; puting anti-seize on the threads, shouldn't be a problem for you, or just check it to see if it turns freely. You may need a special tool depending on the location of the hole for the adjustment or pull the wheel %26amp; drum. Hope this helps.Clean and adjust rear brakes?How many miles do you have on the car??And are the rear brakes drums or disc?I work at a honda dealership, clean and adjust for disc there consists of lubricating the slide pins, cleaning off the shims the pads sit on, its mainly a preventative maintenance to ensure your braking system is well lubricated so you maintain even pad wear.As far as rear brakes go , they spray them down with brake clean to help clean them, their will be a adjusting star wheel, you just turn that with a screw driver and slap the drum back on, (not sure if theres an acess on the backing plate for your model car not all have them)

that's where the experience of a tech comes in to play, because you need to make sure you are getting good surface contact.But put the drum back on and hit it in the 12 and 6 o clock position and spin it if it still sits loose take the drum off and repeat it Again.But Again that's where experience from the tech to come in to play.Clean and adjust rear brakes?80% of your braking is done off the front pads you will usually go through 2 to 3 sets of pads before the rears need replacing i would not worry about cleaning are adjusting them wait till you need new shoes. You are in no danger and are not going to cause any harm to your rear shoes.Clean and adjust rear brakes?That model has rear drum brakes and also has self adjusters on them. If you will take the car to an empty parking lot somewhere and do the following. Make sure you have plenty of room behind you and no one nearby that could get in the way. Put the car in reverse and start backing up to about 15 mph and apply the brakes firmly and come to a stop. Do this about 6 to 8 times. Do not let the tires lock up or skid. Brakes are adjusted. Do this about 2 or 3 times a year to keep them adjusted. $60.00 saved.